Magic Chemistry, Burning Money

The Magic of Chemistry Reaction

The chemistry of reaction may don't understand by us because it is not like what we see. The principle of burning process of all material are depend on the burning point of each material. When the heat can't reach the burning point of certain material so what we see is not like the actual chemical reaction happening.

Chemistry can use as magic show. Every show actually this is not magic but natural if you are a chemist. Using the natural reaction and incident, chemistry can show something to you that magic like. Some example a normal chemistry activity seem like a magic but this condition actually a natural event.

Burning Paper or Money.

Paper is not burnt because the flammable point of paper still don't over
Burning Money

  • New Dollar bill (higher nominal if your are confidence)
  • Chemical glass (1000 ml)
  • Matches
  • Sodium Salt like Sodium Sulfide (in order the color of flame merge is yellow)
  • Solution of 50% alcohol (95%) and 50% water
A combustion reaction occur between alcohol and oxygen, producing heat and carbon dioxide and water.

The chemical reaction will like this:

C2H5OH + 4 O2 -----> 2 CO2 + 3 H2O + energy

When the bill is soaked into the alcohol water mixture, alcohol has a high vapor pressure and mainly will on the outside of the material (dollar bill). When the bill is lift, the alcohol will burn. The temperature at the burning alcohol is not high enough to evaporate water so the material will not burn even after the burning process, the dollar bill seem rather wet. After the alcohol has burned, the flame goes out, leaving a slightly damp dollar bill.


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