Viscose Fiber Production Process

Viscose fiber is a base material for textile industry. The first production of this kind product is in Indian than spread over the Europe and United States also in South Asia Country like in Indonesia. Viscose fiber is produced to anticipate the shortage of natural yarn for raw material to produce yarn in textile industries, beside synthetic yarn as replace natural cotton to produce fabric.

This one is a simple drawing of viscose fiber production process. Viscose fiber is used to substitute the using of cotton as raw material for textile industry. Beside of cotton availability will not enough to supply market demand in the future, also cotton just available on harvesting season. If people just depend on cotton to produce textile then people will shortage of raw material to produce textile. Using viscose fiber to fulfill of textile industry will not any shortage raw material, beside the price is lower than cotton, viscose fiber also have better quality compare with synthetic fiber for textile industry.

This process of step by step on how viscose fiber produced
Viscose Fiber Production Process

Viscose fiber industry use pulp as raw materials. Pulp that is used for viscose fiber is different with the pulp that is used for paper industry, even the raw material to produce pulp are the same, but the chemicals to process wood become pulp is different for each pulp kind.. Pulp for paper using sodium hydroxide to cook woods whether the chemicals to cook pulp for viscose use magnesium bisulphate. Sodium hydroxide more harder effect that magnesium bisulphate, so the pulp for paper result will more softer than pulp for viscose.

To process pulp become viscose fiber first, the pulp is converted to alkali cellulose then react with Carbon disulfide (CS2) to produce xanthat cellulose or viscose solution. Viscose solution have adjacent form with honey, but have bad smell because contains of sulfur. This viscose solution then process through spinneret and react with Spinbath solution covert to viscose fiber. Spinneret is like a human eye, one spinneret can have hole about 2100, the hole size on spinneret is 25 micron. After viscose solution out from spinneret then directly contact with Spinbath solution and changed to fiber filamen. This filamens is cut into certain long fiber for example 2.5 cm, this cut fiber is treat by some chemicals in order clean of chemicals, whiter and soft. This fiber then dryed in the dryer and packing.


Christina said…
Thanks for posting this. Very useful! I am working on a project looking at bamboo viscose and trying to learn more about the viscose production process. Where did the image come from? Did you make it yourself?
Kesington Blog said…
This picture is adopt from many industry that is available on many hand books.
Anonymous said…
I found the sentence structure to be disjointed and a little confusing. Next time you should proofread your work.
Kesington Blog said…
Thanks for your correction.
Rashid said…
Dear , it is not Calcium sulfide but Carbon di sulfide. Please correct it. Any question regarding viscose manufacturing will be welcome.
Kesington Blog said…
Rashid. Thanks for your correction.

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