Chemical Name :      Nitrogen
Chemical Symbol:    N
Atomic Number   :   7
Atomic Mass       :   14.00
Melting Point      : - 209.86 oC
Boiling Point      :  - 185.8 oC

Nitrogen as part of air component, 79 percent of air are contain of Nitrogen. But Nitrogen is an inert element and don't reacted with other element in air and always on their molecule as N2 gas. Nitrogen may as part of liquid compound such as follows:
  • Nitric Acid
  • Nitro acid sulfite
Nitrogen also can be found in other component:
  • Nitrogen oxide
  • Nitrogen oxybromide
  • Nitrogen oxychloride
  • Nitroxyl chloride 
Nitrogen in nature always cycle from the uses to the atmosphere, see the cycle of nitrogen.


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