Basic Chemistry

Chemistry is the physical science that deals with composition, structure and properties of substance and also the transformation that these substance that undergoes. Because the study of chemistry encompasses the entire material universe, it is central to the understanding of other science. Basic chemistry involve in all aspect on live, the incident in around you actually is the basic chemistry process such as the changes of compost from fresh there is any chemical reaction involved there even the process itself is help by microorganism.

A basic chemistry theory has been formulated as the result of centuries of observation and measurement of the various elements and compounds. According to this theory, matter is composed of minute particles called atoms. The more than 100 different kinds of atoms that are known are called chemical elements. Atoms of the same elements or of different elements can combine together to form molecules and compounds. The atom are held together by forces, primarily electrostatic, called chemical bonds. In chemical reaction two or more compounds by means of breaking and making the chemical bonds.

Branches of Chemistry

Five subdivisions traditionally used to classify various aspects of chemistry. The study of organic chemistry originally was limited to compounds that were obtained from living organism, but now the field deals with hydrocarbons (compounds of carbon and hydrogen) and their derivatives. The study of inorganic chemistry includes compounds derived from all of the elements except fro hydrocarbons. Biochemistry is the subdivision in which the compounds and chemical reactions involved in processes of living system are studied.


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