CO The Poisonous Gas

CO or Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas, CO gas is formed from imperfect combustion of carbon substance that is come from many source, such as coal, petrol fuel and many others . Poisonous gas is consisting of elements that threat to our live. The poisonous gas can enter to our body through of many ways, through breath of nose, permeated to the skin, and from injection.

Poisonous gases usually colorless and no smell but threat to our environment seriously. The common gases that destroy our environment are CO and H2S. The poisonous gas exposed to our environment in two model; chronic and acute.

Chronic Expose:
  • Expose for long time
  • Affected to hemoglobin
  • Feel getting flu such as headache
  • Cause weakened to our health resilience
  • Carbon monoxide is one of this reasons
Carbon Monoxide Data:
  • Colorless, smelliness, flammable LEL 12.5%
  • Very poison; can absorb oxygen 200 – 300 time faster than oxygen in the hemoglobin
  1. Exposures: PEL/TWA 25 ppm
  2. C 200 ppm
  3. IDLH 1200 ppm
  • Source from industry: steel mill, garages, general industries.
Effect of CO:
  • 25 ppm, permissible exposure limit for 8 hours
  • 400 ppm, headache for 2-3 hours
  • 1600 ppm, headache and hallucination for 20 minutes and fall and died if exposed for 1-2 hours.
  • 6400 ppm, headache for about 1-2 minutes, unconscious and died on 10 – 15 minutes


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