The Miracle of Planet

The Milk Way is the giant galaxy system that contains of our solar system.
Pluto the farthest planet from sun, only stone and very cold air, the surface temperature reach to – 238oC, because of this very cold temperature the surface become a block of ice, a dead ice.

The Milky Way
Neptune, one another frozen planet with the surface temperature reach of -218oC, the atmosphere contain helium, hydrogen and methane are poisonous for life being. High methane contain make this atmosphere have blue color. The environment with great storm with speed of 2000 km/hour.

Uranus the dead planet, the mostly planet composed from stone and ice. Need 84 years of Earth for Uranus to circle the sun, atmosphere with hydrogen, helium and methane very poisonous for live.

Saturn’s is the second biggest planet of the sun, with the ring circle them, this ring contain of gas, stone and ice, the whole planet composed by gas, 75% hydrogen and 25% helium. The density of this planet is lower than water.

Jupiter the biggest planet of the solar system, this planet also contain of gases, the size of this planet about 318 time of Earth. The red spot is a storm that enough to eat our Earth, no land on the surface, with very cold whether with big storm that take place hundred years. This planet have big magnetic field than can kill of every creature. The most horrible and scary planet. The Jupiter month EO is surround by mountain, EO become an electric source as long through the magnetic field of Jupiter, evoke an electric voltage about 4000 volt between their pole.

Mars, the planet that contain of atmosphere with high CO2, the surface form a hundred canyon because of meteor collision, a red ball with storm that taken place months.

Venus, not cold and frozen like other planet. Venus have high temperature, the surface temperature can make melted of lead metal, about 450oC, Venus have a heavy atmosphere with thick CO2, the pressure of atmosphere same with the pressure at the earth at about 1 km below the sea.

Mercury’s, the nearest planet to the sun. Mercury’s is rotate with very slow, so the planet have very different surface condition, one surface is boiling, while other surface is frozen. This environment can make every creature die.

All the planet but earth can not support for live, compose of ice, stone, and gas, too cold temperature, or too hot temperature are not suitable for live.


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