Characteristic of Hydrogen

Numerical characteristic of hydrogen are summarized on the below table. The values on the latter table are for the ordinary isotropic mizture of hydrogen containing about one part of deuterium in 5000 and the ordinary ortho para mixture.

Numerical Constant of Hydrogen
PropertyNumerical Value
Critical Temperature, oK32
Critical pressure, atm20
Density of gas, gram/liter at 0 oC, 1 atm0
Density of liquid, gram/ml0.071
Solubility in H2O, ml/100 grams as 25 oC1.5

Chemically, hydrogen combines with most, of the non metallic elements and with many of the metals to produce compounds called hydrides. Hydrogen serves as a reducing agent toward many metal oxides oxides and toward double and triple bounds involving carbon. Characteristic reactions of hydrogen, in general reaction are indicative of the tendency of hydrogen to bonds with highly electropositive elements are completely ionic those with higly electromagnetive posses appreciable partial ionic character.


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