Chemical Properties and Physical Properties

Every raw material is include of chemicals or non chemicals. But every raw material will have chemical properties and physical properties. Chemical properties will related to the basic chemicals and the properties will talk about chemistry knowledge, while physical properties related to physical state and usually visibel but not all physical properties can be seen.

Chemical properties of goods is how that goods behave in their environment, because some material will danger if contact with water, or even danger if contact with air. For all thing that have these behavior usually include on chemicals. Chemical can be reacted to other substance, to this knowledge you must learning the basic chemistry. Chemicals usually have fuild or gas form but many of them are in solid state. All the behavior of chemicals must be state together with things they are sent to, and mentioned how the characteristic of the chemicals, how danger the chemical to human, how to treat the chemicals, and how to store the chemicals. The statement of that called as MSDS or materials datasheet.

Non chemicals sometime sensitive to the environment condition, but they don't completed with MSDS. Like iron sheet metal or carbon steel metal, they don't says the metal should be place in the environment bla bla bla, but sometimes the condition changes after long store, even only one or two weeks. This is not because of physical properties of steel but more because of chemical properties of the steel that can be reacted to the environment. There is chemical ionic bond between steel and air, so that the surface of steel become corrode. The basic course can be the environment of the store is bad or the environment of surround the place is bad, for example in arround the warehouse is chemical plants.

Physical properties is about the strength of the steel like tension of steel, brittleness, tensile strength, hardness, stiffness, and softness. Other properties can be related to chemical properties even materiial is steel like the stand to corrosion and so on.


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