Oxygen Generator

Oxygen for respiratory is usually produced by a PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) tools that contain of separation process of Oxygen and Nitrogen. In ordinary atmosphere the contain of oxygen about 20.9 percent and other main contain is 75% of Nitrogen, the rest are a small percentage of inert gas. The PSA is worked to separating air from Nitrogen gas.

Oxygen Generator

A PSA is containing a molecular sieve called as Zeolite that is filled with compressed air. Nitrogen molecule will adsorbed by sieve materials while the oxygen molecules drift past and are collected in oxygen receiver tank.

Thank pressure then released from vessel and nitrogen gas is vented to atmosphere. The process is continued the cycle with repeated fill the second vessel to provide a constant flow of gas. The oxygen can be purified until 95% contained as informed by equipment vendor.

The capacity of this equipment can be varied depend on the user want to produce oxygen. The Diagram of oxygen purification method is as on the picture below. The difficulties of this equipment is how to maintain in order the zeolite can stand for long time and not contaminated from microorganism. If the oxygen contaminated to microorganism, it can be dangerous because this gas will use for our breath.

Diagram Oxygen Generator


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