Acetic Acid or Vinegar

Acetic acid have formula CH3COOH is known as acid that use in household as additive agent in cooking recipe and more common says with vinegar. Acetic acid is a weak organic acid and the sour constituent of Vinegar. In industry, acetic acid is produced by the destructive distillation of wood and by the catalytic oxidation of formaldehyde. The pure acid is called glacial acetic acid and is a corrosive, colorless liquid with a pungent smell. It solidity at 16.63 oC. Acetic acid reacts with alcohol to form acetates that are widely used as solvents. Acetic acid also react with cellulose to form cellulose acetate, which is the starting material for rayon industry and other artificial fibers and for photographic film.

Vinegar in the market can be vary, there are vinegar for sour agent in cooking and also vinegar for fruit ice such as apple vinegar. Vinegar often used as seasoning on food like meat ball and other cooking.

use for fruit ice
apple vinegar

use for cooking
white vinegar

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