Acetone have formula CH3COCH3 or in science called as 2-propanone or dimethylketone. Acetone commonly use in a fragrant as a solution, colorless and flammable liquid that boils at 56.2 oC and solidifies at – 34.8 oC. A compound with solvent properties no color and with specific odor, that can make we fill dizzy if inhaled. Aceton is obtained by fermentation of produced synthetically. It is a by product when produce aceto acetic acid. In industry, acetone is an important solvent for cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate and is also used in the production of explosives material.

Small amounts of acetone are present in blood and urine, but some diabetic patients show larger than normal people. Diabetic evacuate this excess in urine (acetonuria) and through their lungs, in metabolic acidosis, pregnancy toxemia and acetonemia of numinants. Aceton can poisoning in companion animals causes narcosis, gastritis, renal and hepatic damage.

Acetone is very useful in laboratory for cleaning agent and in biological laboratory as antiseptic agent. Acetone in laboratory often use as strong solvent, better than alcohol to dissolve organic materials.

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