Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid is a water solution of hydrogen chloride, HCl, are irritating, pungent gas that is extremely water soluble; water solution is generally written with the same formula as the gas. In nature the acid is found in the discharge from volcanoes and, in a concentration of about 0.25% in the gastric juice secreted by the human stomach. It can be made in the laboratory by the action of concentrated sulfuric acid on sodium chloride or by the burning of chlorine in an atmosphere of hydrogen. In either case the hydrogen chloride produced must be dissolved in water to produce the acid solution. Nearly 90% of all commercially produced hydrochloric acid is a by product of the chlorination of organic compounds, such as:

CH4  +  Cl2   ➠ CH3CL   + HCl

About 5% is produced by the combustion of chlorine in hydrogen; a similar quantity is produced by the reaction of concentrated sulfuric acid on sodium chloride.

Hydrochloric acid is principally used in the pickling (cleaning) of steel and the acidifying of oil wells. It is also used in ore extraction, the recovery of light metals from seawater, the production of dextrose, and the reactivation of spent activated charcoal.

Hydrochloric Acid is dangerous acid, this acid is very reactive and dangerous chemicals, if react with other substance of other thing can release hot and can make fire. In the area which is kept this chemicals should be installed APAR (fire extinguisher), and must any warning symbol put on that area.

Warning symbol already state internationally and must use that kind of symbol, you are not allowed make your own symbol. You can make other than symbol, just write something that show the dangerous on that place.

For example of wrong chemicals hazard symbol:

wrong symbol 1

wrong symbol 1

The right symbol for poisonous and reactive chemicals should be as below:

poisonous chemical symbolmbol
poisonous chemical symbol
reactive chemical symbol
reactive chemical symbol

For just Warning if any dangerous chemicals there is allowed. For example as follows:

danger warning
Warning of Danger

The dimension of symbol you can put on the area must follow the regulation, and you must see your local regulation about this symbol. For my local government use this chemicals hazard symbol.


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